fabio.grisafi at libero.it fabio.grisafi at libero.it
Thu Mar 8 13:56:08 PST 2012

Hello Guys!
In the RDXC rules I read:"9. Multipliers9.1 Two types of multiplier will be used:A multiplier of one (1) for each different oblast contacted on each band.A multiplier of one (1) for each different country contacted on each band.".
What is the country list?
I ask this because in the record listing for the same contest IT9 Sicily is listed as differentcountry from Italy.
As well as Turkey (Europe) is listed differently than Turkey (Asia).... so I suppose the WAE List is valid for this contest and so.....
I will be a different and difficult multiplier in this contest without so many IT9 stations QRV on all bands.
Please give me an idea, if I am correct or not...
Fabio, IT9GSF (II9T-IU9T).


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