[CQ-Contest] IT9 is a multiplier

fabio.grisafi at libero.it fabio.grisafi at libero.it
Sat Mar 10 02:43:05 PST 2012

The Russian DX Contest rules had a mistake. Now you read:

9. Multipliers
9.1 Two types of multiplier will be used:A multiplier of one (1) for each 
different oblast contacted on each band.A multiplier of one (1) for each 
different country (DXCC entity list + WAE multipliers list) contacted on each 

So, IT9GSF will be a multiplier for everybody in this Contest!

Thanks to the Contest Committee for the correction!

See you in the contest,
73 de Fabio - IT9GSF.

P.S.: Sicily should be a different country for DXCC too. I will try but it is 
very difficult because we had to do this many years ago, not now.
In fact, Sicily has the most ancient parliament of the world (1194 - Friedrich 
II) and our Constitution was written before italian constitution (1946 Sicily - 
1948 Italy).
Sicilian constitution cannot be modified unilaterally by italian parlament!
So.... it is the same as Wales, Scotland, etc..... It is much stronger than 
the EA6 difference and IS0 doesn't have such difference.
So.... why Sicily is not a country for DXCC?

73 de Fabio - IT9GSF.


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