[CQ-Contest] CW4R Gorriti Island SA-039 and WPX Contest

Jorge Diez - CX6VM cx6vm.jorge at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 15:12:54 PDT 2012



In name of the group of Radio Club Uruguayo that will activate for the first
time ever Gorriti Island SA-039 next March 23th to 25th there´s something
you may know.


The main porpoise of this DXPedition is to activate Gorriti Island SA-039
and NOT to participate in WPX Contest. Due to permissions obtained, the date
coincide with WPX. Will be stations operating in phone, CW and digital


Anyway if someone that is participating in WPX SSB Contest call them, CW4R
will log it. They will be sending a checklog to WPX Organization







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