[CQ-Contest] IOTA Contest Rules for 2012

Zrinko Zibert ve3zik at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 27 15:16:59 PDT 2012

Hello Don,

thanks for your info. What I am not understand is, why MTPL Station is
limited to 6 changes? Of course, for RUN STN is ok, but still have no idea
why MTPL :-)
And, one more question. if we change from 20m SSB to 20m CW and then back
to 20 SSB, is that actually 2 changes? Is ANY change (band OR mode) one

C U in IOTA 2012 @9A0D DXPN Low power Team (EU-170)

73s, Zik DK8ZZ, VE3ZIK, YT3ZZ

2012/3/27 Don Field <don.field at gmail.com>

> The revised rules for the 2012 IOTA Contest now appear on the RSGB Contest
> Committee website at:  http://www.rsgbcc.org/hf/rules/2012/riota.shtml
> There have a few rule changes this year, following last year's invitation
> for comments and feedback (it is some 10 years since any significant rule
> changes were made).  My apologies that these changes haven't been announced
> earlier but, as with the 2011 results, everything is running late this time
> for a number of reasons, including the aftermath of the T32C trip!
> *Here are the main changes for 2012:*
> The World Multi-Operator category has been discontinued.
> Island Multi-Operator stations must observe a "6 band mode/band changes per
> hour" rule.
> Island Multi-Operator stations must identify Run and Multiplier stations in
> their log.
> The score for non-island to non-island QSOs is reduced from 3 points to 2
> points.
> Low Power island expedition stations can now choose any antenna that they
> want.
> Two of these changes have been made to restore the original intention of
> the contest, which is about working islands. To some extent this has been
> lost, with some non-island entrants spending much of their time working
> other non-island stations. The QSY rule for island multi-ops is one we have
> resisted for some time, but it is clear that some entrants have been taking
> advantage of the lack of such a rule, so we have had to follow CQWW and
> others in introducing one, and insist that run and mult stations are
> clearly marked in the log. As for the last rule change, this is at the
> repeated request of many Low Power expedition operators, though we do
> understand that it might prove a challenge for those using small aircraft
> or boats to reach an island.
> We look forward to seeing many of you in this year's contest.
> Don G3XTT
> IOTA Contest Manager
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