[CQ-Contest] Is QSL Bureau pertinent in today HAM Radio

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Wed Mar 28 09:58:04 PDT 2012

Generally, all I want is a confirmation of some type that I  can use for 
awards.  I think everyone should upload to both eQSL and  LoTW.  This would 
solve most QSLing problems.  Contesters particularly  should QSL everything by 
eQSL and LoTW as part of the log submittal  process.
Dxpeditions should use OQRS and direct/SAE/IRC/$$.  I  have no problem with 
them encouraging contributions.   These trips are  expensive and we should 
all pitch in to help.  After a reasonable length of  time they should upload 
their logs to eQSL and LoTW.  At that time, if they  want to, they could do 
bureau QSLing for received cards.
Most bureau QSLs I receive are from Europe and from common  countries.  I 
like to receive them and reply 100% using Global QSL, but  eQSL and LoTW 
would serve just as well.  For eQSL people should design nice  cards and not use 
the default eQSL designs.  Ideally we should all have  unique cards which 
reflect our QTH, personality or interests.  Anything to  make us stand out in 
an increasingly homogenized world.
I initiate some outgoing bureau QSLs for various  reasons.
In the above context, the bureau would still be used, but at a  much 
smaller volume than in the past.
Electronic QSLing has greatly affected the way I QSL and  much for the 
better.  Not only do I save trees, but I save  money.
Kermit, AB1J

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This is bit out of topic but contesters opinion is  highly valuable.
Following a discussion on DX-World.net about the next  Intrepid-DX group 
QSL policy I started a small poll about QSL in the 21th  century in general.
Please share your  opinion.

Yannick  DEVOS -  XV4Y

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