[CQ-Contest] MMSN Protection Petition

Bob Naumann W5OV at W5OV.COM
Thu Mar 29 02:44:56 PDT 2012

Just to be clear, this petition is not on the ARRL web site; this is on
KE4CRR's ISP so don't let the "ARRL" in the petitions' URL listed below fool
you into thinking the ARRL is involved in this.

The petition system will not allow you to sign in opposition. It only allows
supportive signatures. Not very democratic, is it. No surprise to me.

The premises he cites are a clear case of spin-doctoring, and are completely

Needless to say, the ARRL does not condone nor recommend that anyone cause
interference at any time so the focus of the petition is completely bogus. 

Never mind the absurdity that the ARRL somehow has control over all contests
regardless of sponsor.

KE4CRR has one of those anti-SPAM things on his email, so if you do let him
know how you feel about his petition, you'll have to reply to a challenge

I normally do not do this, but I want him to know that there substantial
opposition to this sort of thing.

I would recommend you do the same. Send him an email and let him know.


Bob W5OV

P.S. I hope the ARRL, IARU, et al, will do the appropriate thing and ignore
his petition.

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John Clarke KE4CRR has started a petition demanding that the ARRL remove the
frequency range of 14.296 to 14.304 MHz from "al" contests to "protect" the
operations of the Maritime Mobile Service Net on 14.300

He describes his reasoning, such as it is, at
14-296-thru-14-304-from-ARRL-CONTEST .  His actual petition is at

Do I really need to point out what a dumb idea (IMHO) this is, to put it

Anyone who'd like to chime in to the discussion is welcome to do so.

73. ron w3wn

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