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So, this means that the RUN station can change 6 times and the MULT station
also 6 times?

Filipe CT1ILT

No dia 29 de Março de 2012 14:03, Don Field <don.field at gmail.com> escreveu:

> Further to my recent email, we have had a quick rethink on scoring for
> contacts with non-island (world) stations, as it quickly became apparent
> from feedback that we had missed a trick here, for which I must offer my
> apologies.
> The rules ( http://www.rsgbcc.org/hf/rules/2012/riota.shtml ) now reflect
> the new scoring.
> To summarise, in years gone by all contacts with non-island stations were
> worth 5 points (later 3 points) but as we have progressively reduced the
> scoring for non-island to non-island contacts, it is clear that, in the
> process, we have disincentivised island to non-island contacts, which is
> obviously not what was intended. So these will now count 5 points, while
> non-island to non-island contacts are, as previously announced, 2 points.
> There has also been some reaction to the QSY rule. This is now clarified in
> the wording. It is a matter of some regret that we have had to introduce
> this, but some multi-op entrants were clearly running several "mult"
> stations, which is not in the spirit of what was intended. Good strategy
> and listening for mults ahead of any QSY should still enable high
> multiplier totals to be achieved over the 24 hours. We believe, in any
> case, that the rule is more flexible than, for example, the 10-minute rule
> in CQ contests.
> A write-up of the 2011 contest and preview of 2012 should appear in either
> the June or July issues of RSGB's RadCom.
> 73 Don G3XTT
> IOTA Contest Manager
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