[CQ-Contest] RTTY Sprint Questions

Tom Osborne w7why at frontier.com
Fri Mar 30 12:30:40 PDT 2012

Hi John

1.  That is a good idea.  I put 'NS' at the end of my CQ so they will know 
I'm in the NS and not just calling CQ.

2.  Don't send their call.  They already know that one :-)  I send mine 2 
times in case I'm doubling with someone who sends theirs one time.

3.  It depends.  On 20, usually I just send it one time if conditions are 
really good.  On 40 or 80 when copy is not always good, I send the number 
twice and name and state once.  If you have already worked me on 20, (or if 
you have callsign lookup clicked), the name and state will be inserted . 73


I have three exchange questions:
   1. When Calling CQ, do you end with CQ (CQ NA N0TA N0TA CQ)?
   2. When calling a station, do you send their callsign (W6SX DE N0TA),
or just send your callsign twice?
   3. Should I send my exchange twice?
Thanks, 73, John, N0TA
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