[CQ-Contest] Assisted or not assisted question (yet again)

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I understand Igor, and I also understand that the line is grey and getting wider... however.. for me, MY ethics, my choice is to view "assistance" as any information obtained by an outside source.. and RBN is an example. However, tuning my station rx, over to listen for a beacon, on 10m, or to WWV, is information being derived by my own equipment, by my own hand, and collected by me. Obtaining information is the name of the game, acting on that information is the game. If you accomplish either with outside help.... that is assisted... in my station! 
Now, do I necessarily see these ethics impressed on anyone else? ONLY in the contests or events that I am solely responsible for, AND that are specific to be written into the rules. I don't like excluding folks from having fun, and I don't like "leveling" the playing field. However, if the field of play for one... is on a hillside... and the field for another is on the hilltop..... then the scoring should indicate such. Just my opinion.  
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Dale - WC7S in Wy
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Ok guys,
First of all I want to remind you that my interest is purely theoretical. I am not going to use this technique when SO not assisted unless contest sponsors say "it is OK to use it". All I am trying to do is to find as close to perfect definition of "not assisted" as possible with your help. So far there are a lot of contradictions in most of the arguments. Until skimmers appeared assistance was interpreted as  getting helping information from other human beings. It is not anymore. Still getting outside information is allowed in some cases (WWV, beacons) and not allowed in other cases. I am afraid the border line is quickly turning into 'grey zone".

73, Igor UA9CDC

2012/5/31 Dale Putnam <daleputnam at hotmail.com>

And that... specifically is what makes it "assisted"   Outside information, not readily available without outside assistance.

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Dale - WC7S in Wy

  In essence I would not get no outside help in locating,

> identifying and working stations in the contest. I just get accurate and up

> to date information about propagation which is basically more accurate then

> what I might have got with the help of propagation prediction software.


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