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I also want to second WC5B's comments.  Our hobby has a lot of  interest 
groups (that's what makes it great) but , having gone to Dayton for 4  of the 
last 5 years, I am convinced that contesters have the most fun of all  these 
groups.  From Contest University (which I have attended  twice), to the 
Contest Super Suite, to the Contest Dinner, to the  SMC Gathering, to the 
Contest Forum, to the Kansas City Pileup Contest, it  is just a blast!
I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard as I did while listening  
to the Spurious Emissions band in the Contest Suite on Friday night.
If you are a contester and have not been to Dayton, you owe to yourself to  
give it a try next year.  You won't regret it.
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I'm entering into my 6th decade as a ham, and quite  honestly I might be 
getting a little jaded about the whole  thing.

But your message pumped me up.  You're right about  contesters, and quite 
honestly, they may be the group that saves HF  Amateur Radio for another 

Thanks for your  post.

When's the next "test"?

73, de Hans,  K0HB

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I just wanted to drop a quick statement of how impressed  I (and a few
others of us that went together) of the Contesters University,  the
Contesters Suite, and the Contesters Dinner this year at Dayton. I  have
been a Ham for 21 years and live only 4 hours away, but I rarely  stayed
more then a day at Dayton (and 10 years overseas military  service).
Because of that, I never really looked to see what extra  activities were
going on. This year, I have a small group of hams that I  have been
elmering in. We decided to really experience Dayton on a  multi-day level
this time. As our group leans towards contesting and  dx'ing, the
Contesters University was a no brainier.

Now I write  this because one thing must be said! The impression that you
left on myself  and my fellow local hams is huge. After the dinner
Saturday we all were  taken back by one common observation, the massive
amount of love and  respect you had for one another! To go one step
further, the respect you  had for us, a puny little club that operates
from a small little city lot  station.

We come from an area with little in the way of local interest  in the HF
end of things. Very VHF and Emcomm related. Unfortunately a large  amount
of stress and drama comes with it. It leaves a bad taste in the  mouth of
many new hams. However, after meeting you all and watching  everything
very closely, all of my new hams latter told me independently  that
"these are the people I want to associate with!"

A special  thanks to the members of LCC. They took us in and treated us
as if we were  one of their own members and had known them for many years.

Thanks for  a great Dayton. We will be back!

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