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Hmmnn - I am disappointed about that, still with I don't know how many million q's in all there is little scope for human intervention. It does occur to me though that an op could attempt to avoid a bust by duping the previous contact and, as the culprit, get away scott free whilst the innocent party loses out with an NIL.
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The guys who wrote the log checking software could give you a more
authoritative answer, but I think it's likely that the other guy will get a
NIL penalty.  I've heard them say that the log checking software is somewhat
liberal in matching a call sign but if it has nothing to work with except a
serial number, it would probably assess a NIL.

The point value of the NIL penalty is the average point value of all QSOs.  

Unfortunately, the other guy would lose a mult, too.

Experienced contesters know this just happens to everyone sometimes and
write it off as a cost of doing business.

Robert K5PI

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I got a warning from the Robot of a bad qso.
When I look at the line it is just garbage, nothing like a callsign but does
have a rcv'd s/n which doesn't look anything like any other qso around that
time so, as  I just messed up, am I right in assuming. having now submitted
the log 'as is', that the other guy will not lose the contact so long as I
copied the s/n correctly?
What criteria is used for removing the 3 qso penalty, would they be 1 pt or
3 pt qso's and would they involve mult's?
73 Brian   C4Z.  
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