[CQ-Contest] CQWW Logs

Randy Thompson K5ZD k5zd at charter.net
Thu Nov 1 20:19:37 EDT 2012

Four days after the contest and just 24 hours until the deadline - 6493 logs
submitted so far!


Submit by email  to ssb at cqww.com

Submit by web page (recommended) http://www.cqww.com/logcheck/


If you need help or want to request an extension, send email to
questions at cqww.com. 



Randy Thompson, K5ZD
Director - CQ WW DX Contest 

email: k5zd at cqww.com
web:  <http://www.cqww.com/> www.cqww.com

Facebook:  <http://www.facebook.com/cqwwdx> www.facebook.com/cqwwdx   



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