[CQ-Contest] "Copy what was sent" (was about KL7 in lower 48)

Art Boyars artboyars at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 10:00:39 EDT 2012

I'm jumping in with K0HB here.  On the one hand, we are told (at least
for CQ WW), to log the call AS IT WAS SENT (excpt for "/QRP"???).  OTOH, we
are told that it does not matter what we log for the Zone (or
country/entity) because the scoring robot will put in what is correct.  Do
we even have to log correctly what Zone was sent?

Was there not a case a year or two ago where some guy was excoriated (and
maybe DQed) for running people by just sending calls, and not sending the
already-known 59914?  If my understanding of the what-to-log guidance is
correct, then maybe this guy had the right idea.

I love SS.  At least there you have to copy something more than a call
sign.  I guess I'm getting as curmudgeonly as Hans.  Now, if I could also
become as good an operator, I'd be doin' OK.

BTW, re the chatter about "he shouldn't sign KL7 if he is stateside" -- I
think ARRL has a rule that you must sign portable if your prefix does not
indicate your country/entity.  (Not much help for SS with W1's in SJV,
which I've complained about before.)

73, Art K3KU
Class A, CK 60, Sect MDC -- for those of you who rely on pre-fill data bases

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