[CQ-Contest] band plan definition - LSB vs USB

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Wed Nov 7 13:25:29 EST 2012

Unless you switched to LSB when you went to 14150, your receiver was
receiving for a ~3 kHz bandwidth above the frequency on your dial. So,
when you're on 14149 (for example) your ~3 KHz receiver band width is
extending up to 14152 or so and this is how you're hearing those signals
just above 14.150.

It is not that they are transmitting below 14.150, it's that you're
listening above 14.150.

Big difference.



>>If your SSB signal is 3 kHz wide...
>>And the top of 20 meters is 14.350 MHz...
>>And you don't want any of your signal to be transmitted above the top of
>>the band...
>>Then your highest dial setting on a properly and accurately calibrated
>>radio would be 14.347 MHz.
> In the CQWW contest a number of US stations were sitting on 14150.5 and
> their signals strong in the DX phone band below 14150. In fact, it is
> almost
> impossible at times to work or hear stations from 14147 to 14150.
> Should the same consideration that is given to operating at the upper end
> of
> the band be used when operating near the DX phone bands on 20 and 15
> meters?
> In other words, for example should these station limit their lower
> frequency
> of operation to 14153?
> tnx
> Syl - VE5ZX
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