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Randy Thompson, K5ZD, Named Director of CQ World Wide DX  Contest

(Hicksville, NY) October 1, 2012 -- CQ Contest Hall of Fame  member and WPX 
Contest Director Randy Thompson, K5ZD, has been named Director of  the CQ 
World Wide DX Contest, effective immediately. Randy succeeds Bob Cox,  K3EST, 
who retired in September after 35 years at the helm of the world's most  
popular amateur radio contest. 

Thompson, 53, has been a ham since age  13. He is an accomplished 
contester, having multiple wins in the CQ World Wide  DX Contest and the CQ WPX 
Contest, among others. He has also competed in four  World Radiosport Team 
Championships. In addition, Randy is a past editor of the  "National Contest 
Journal" (a post he has held three separate times) and a  co-founder of the 
eHam.net website. He is a longtime member of the Yankee  Clipper Contest Club and 
an instructor at K3LR's Contest University. He has been  Director of the CQ 
WPX Contest since 2008, coincidentally the same year in which  he was 
inducted into the CQ Contest Hall of Fame.

"The CQ WW is the  biggest event on the contest calendar," commented 
Thompson. "I am honored to be  involved and follow in the giant footsteps of 
K3EST. With the great conditions  we are seeing on the bands, this year should be 
the biggest CQ WW ever! The  first order of business is to have the team 
ready for the new 5-day log deadline  and faster results reporting."

CQ Publisher Dick Ross, K2MGA, said  Thompson's appointment marks the start 
of a new chapter in the history of CQ  World Wide DX Contest, adding "The 
CQ management team looks forward to working  with Randy as CQWW Director. His 
four years as WPX Contest Director have already  demonstrated his ability 
to successfully and creatively guide a major contest,  and we are totally 
confident that he will take the CQWW to even greater  heights."

Thompson's appointment to the directorship of the CQWW creates  a vacancy 
for director of the CQ WPX Contests. Anyone interested in taking on  the 
challenge of leading a major contest should contact Randy at  <k5zd at cqwpx.com>.


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