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The SSB leg of the 54th Scandinavian Activity Contest
will be heating up the bands as follows:

* When -- 13-14 October, 1200 UTC - 1200 UTC
* Where -- 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters
* How -- http://www.sactest.net/blog/rules/

Over 300 Scandinavian stations with their exotic
fluttery signals were on the air in September's
SAC CW, with about 1200 total logs submitted. This
promises a large and exciting turn-out on all sides
of this popular "Polar Battle" also on SSB!

Bear in mind that you can now also enter the SO
Assisted category, and challenge your friends at

* SAC brings contesting into the 21st century *
Up to six top-tier entrants are selected by the
Nordic ham radio societies to represent their countries
in a national team contesting trial. Their race can be
followed on-line, sometimes also through audio and
video streams. Be sure to check out this new concept.

More information:
Scoring and live streams: http://cqcontest.ru/teamscore.jsp

* Propagation planning *
The Nordic countries are located in the Arctic region,
often requiring special attention to propagation and
geomagnetic conditions. Here is material to help you
plan how to catch those Aurora-laden Northern signals.

General: http://www.sactest.net/blog/propagation/
Prediction service: http://www.voacap.com/sac2012/

* Results and awards *
Fully searchable results back to 1999 are available
for your perusal at the SAC website. The organizers
aim at serving you this year's final results within
one week from the log submission deadline. In addition
to regular mailed awards, participation certificates
will be available for download to all who submit a log.


The SAC website http://www.sactest.net contains all
further information that you may need. We are also
keen to receive your feedback at support at sactest.net
in order to continuously improve SAC.

Most importantly, heat up the bands and challenge
your friends on 13-14 October!


The SAC Contest Committee

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