[CQ-Contest] band plan definition - LSB vs USB

Richard Ferch ve3iay at storm.ca
Wed Oct 3 16:03:55 EDT 2012

In SSB modes, an amateur transceiver's dial reading is the suppressed 
carrier frequency, not the actual transmitted frequencies.

If your radio's dial is on 14349 USB and you speak into the microphone, 
your actual transmitted frequencies will include significant energy in 
the range from approximately 14349 kHz to 14352 kHz. To the best of my 
knowledge it is illegal anywhere for an amateur to transmit significant 
signals between 14350 kHz and 18068 kHz. Therefore setting your dial on 
14349 and transmitting a USB voice signal is not permitted, regardless 
of what region or country you are in and regardless of band plans.

The upper limit for an amateur transceiver's dial reading in USB should 
be 14347 on 20m, 21447 on 15m and 29697 on 10m, in order to ensure that 
the actual transmitted signals are entirely below 14350 kHz, 21450 kHz 
and 29700 kHz respectively; likewise for 12m and 17m.

Rich VE3KI

ES5TV wrote:

> So is it allowed to work USB on 14349 what concerns the band plan?
> IARU Region 1 and Region 2 band plans both also say:
> *Transmitting frequencies: The announced frequencies in the band plan are
> understood as “transmitted frequencies” and not those of the suppressed
> carrier!*
> What does it mean? Does it mean that furthermore, it is stressed that 14349
> is OK as it is the transmitted frequency?

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