[CQ-Contest] CQWW Contest analyzer Updated at logqso.com

Jim Sullivan jims at psws.com
Thu Oct 4 19:00:21 EDT 2012

I have added new features and updated the http://logqso.com web application.
The CQWW 2011 SSB and CW contest calls have been added.
New Features:
1) Look under the 'Help Videos' menu for several videos that describe how to
use this tool.
2) You can create a user account and login to the application.
        The application, on the 'Home' page, will remember your settings
from your last visit.
        This allows you to return later and continue your analysis.
        The graphs can be saved to use as an hourly strategy sheet for 2012
3) The 'Results' page at http://logqso.com/results.aspx  is updated. 
    All CQWW DX contest results, from 1991 - 2011, can be viewed. (Thanks to
K3EST ).
    Calls for 'Home'  page analysis can be selected on the 'Results' page.
    2 videos provide example usage of the 'Results' page.
The application supports the following browsers: 
    Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox.
You can choose Windows Wmv format or Flash format for the application
The Flash formatted videos are smaller and faster downloading on the
Please report any problems or ideas via the 'Feedback' menu page.
See you in the CQWW

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