[CQ-Contest] NEW YORK QSO PARTY Oct. 20-21

Tom Williams n2cu at roadrunner.com
Mon Oct 8 21:53:40 EDT 2012

The NYQP is having problems updating the website with the plaque sponsors,
county activations and breaking news, but be assured there will be lots of
plaques and more mobiles than last year. New for this year, the NYQP has
decided to institute a special award for spelling NY QSO PARTY with 1x1
callsigns of various NY stations. This is just like our friends from Florida
and Kansas did earlier this year. I am including a list of official letters
and stations for each since this information will not be posted on the
website, for reasons stated above.


Here are the stations to work for the special 1x1 award:


N         K2N, N2N, W2N

Y          N2Y


Q         K2Q, N2Q, W2Q

S         K2S, N2S

O         K2O, N2O, W2O


P         K2P, N2P, W2P

A         K2A, W2A

R         K2R, N2R, W2R

T          K2T, N2T, W2T

Y          K2Y, W2Y

Work at least one station for each letter shown and receive a special
certificate. Everyone should have a good shot at spelling NY QSO PARTY since
there are multiple stations for most letters.


Please look for NY counties to be active on all bands and modes on Oct.



Tom N2CU     N2Y/m in the 2012 NYQP

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