[CQ-Contest] IOTA Contest, Provisional Results

Don Field don.field at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 07:27:57 EDT 2012

This is just to say that provisional results for the 2012 IOTA Contest were
made available last week, and all entrants should have received an email
from the robot with a link to the results and to their personal UBN. If you
entered and have not received this information, please email me as soon as
possible. We are allowing a short time for appeals and will go "final" with
the results (including making the URL available to everyone) probably in

My thanks, as always, to all who took part, especially to those who
activated islands, and to the small but dedicated team who enabled me to
turn these around in a relatively short time.

IOTA Contest Manager
don.field at gmail.com

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