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Chet moore chetmoore at cox.net
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You should go back through yesterdays e-mails and re-read W8JI's post to
you.  He even gave you the order number of a $16 dollar
Drive enclosure that you can use to  easily transfer all your data, not to
mention that it's a great thing to have for any one who
Has sata and non sata hard drives. Much less cumbersome than thumb drives
and really hand for anyone who has a new computer for
Business and older computers for contesting.   I ordered one myself


Chet N4FX

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On 10/19/12 7:14 PM, Carol Richards wrote:
> Hello...
> I had a computer crash....motherboard gone, but hard drive saved.
Unfortunately the hard drive was not compatible with the new motherboard. A
new hard drive was installed and most of the contents of my previous hard
drive were transferred to the new hard drive. Unfortunately all of my e-mail
contacts on the old hard drive did not make it over.
> Is there anyway that I can get the contact list from my old hard drive
imported into the new drive?
> I am getting desparate...
> Thanks carol

I find this little gadget indispensable.


73, Mike NF4L

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