[CQ-Contest] SKED

Luc Moreira py8azt at dxbrasil.net
Sun Oct 21 13:08:20 EDT 2012

2012/10/21 Randy Thompson K5ZD <k5zd at charter.net>:
> You can only have two
> bands active at one time in the M2 category


thanks for answer. I forgot to mention it, but all questions refer to
M/2 category.

I'm not sure what make one band "active". I searched for definition on
rules, but I couldn't find it. I don't want to guess what it's right
from top of my head. So, I have two more questions:

- I suppose when I transmit on one band it becomes "active" (I mean no
QSO made, just TX), and when I stop transmit on that band, it's no
longer "active", that's right?

- What is minimal time to be on "active band" before I make a new "band active"?

PS. I'm aware about max 8 band-changes for each transmitter (It means
Running) on clock hour.

73, Luc
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