[CQ-Contest] VE7FO's Contest Newbies Set to Spook the Spectres err... Spectrum This Hallowe'en Weekend

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Wed Oct 24 05:03:22 EDT 2012

You may recall announcements like this from last season.  Altogether we 
ran about 10 op training sessions built around a variety of contests. 
Most trainees attended rather sporadically but some hung in there and 
are starting to turn in credible performances.  It takes a lot longer 
than I thought it would to turn a newbie into a confident and reasonably 
competent contest op.  Still, 10 sessions at four hours each is less 
time than one 48 hour test so I guess I shouldn't be impatient.

We're doing it again this season and WW SSB is our first outing.  We had 
so many people sign up that we're running two stations with a total of 3 
op positions.

VE7IO will be M/2 or M/M - haven't decided yet.  2 legal limit amps, 
40-10m SteppIR @ 56 ft, Classic tribander @ 64 ft, 2 80m dipoles at 40 
and 100 ft.  I think lots of folks will hear us.  Our more experienced 
ops will be here and will op in four hour blocks.

VA7XB will be M/S.  Running 100W to Steppir vertical and 40m dipole. 
This station is set up to provide a "Get Your Feet Wet" experience. 
Sessions are 2 hours.  The idea is to expose club members to contesting 
without being expected to commit to the formal program.  If they decide 
after half an hour that this isn't for them and want to go home, no 
problem.  If they choose to sign up, that's great.

Anyway, if you work VE7IO or VA7XB and happen to think of it, please 
give the op a couple of words of welcome to contesting.  You would be 
amazed if you could see the effect this has on the beginners.

73, Jim    VE7FO

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