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} I have a couple different Heil headsets. The one I like the best is the Pro Set Quiet Phone. This particular product has a switch for in phase or out of phase and another switch that quiets all the background noise in the shack. This function also has a small but efficient amplifier in it which helps me hear considerably better. This unit also comes with a boom microphone which is convenient too. But here is my dilemma. Heil no longer makes this product and depending on what is wrong when it is sent in for repairs, some of them cannot be repaired as a Pro Set Quiet Phone and get repaired without the quiet phone features and sent back. (Not without consultation I might add) Does any other manufacturer make a headset with similar characteristics like the Pro Set Quiet Phone? I really like these features.

I use BOSE QC15 and Heil HC-4/5(MB-1-4/5) attached on it.  It's not
difficult to attach it without any remodeling QC15.  The appearance
is not so bad and you will not feel handmade taste so much.  YMMV.
Katsuhiro "Don" Kondou, JH5GHM

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