[CQ-Contest] Two questions about CQ WW SSB contest logging

Randy Thompson K5ZD k5zd at charter.net
Tue Oct 30 13:20:13 EDT 2012

Let's not get carried away here.

The CQWW rules state:
"III.13. Post-contest correcting of call signs by using any database,
recordings or confirming QSO's is not allowed (Rule XII.2 always applies)."

I.e., don't correct calls after the contest.

I paraphrased this during the webinar to:
- Put your log in Cabrillo format
- Send it in

We want your log in the proper format.  It makes our job easier and it helps
you keep all of the points that you earned.  Helping a new contester get
their log submitted earns you some extra karma points.

Remember.  This is supposed to be fun.

Randy, K5ZD

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> Subject: [CQ-Contest] Two questions about CQ WW SSB contest logging
> I admit to making an "after contest" adjustment of my cabrillo file for
> the recent CQ WW SSB contest.  I wasn't quite "with it" when I started
> the contest, and gave one fellow a "Zone 5" instead of my "real" Zone 4.
> I tried to edit the contact to put zone 5 in the contact line, but didn't
> see any "CQ Zone" in the "Edit Contact" box.  Since I couldn't change the
> CQ Zone during the contest, I entered "sent zone 5 instead of zone 4" in
> the comment field, and after the fact I changed the one log line in my
> cabrillo file to Zone 5.
> I now think (but am not sure) that the zone COULD have been changed for
> this one contact by entering "5" in the "exchange" box, but it wasn't
> obvious during the heat of the contest.  And, I'll never understand why
> the "comment" field is in the "Edit contact" pane, but to retrieve the
> data one must go to VIEW>NOTES (NOT VIEW>COMMENTS).  This resulted in a
> big puzzle, and a note to my two "Elmers" for N1MM software, who pointed
> out that "Comments" were labeled "Notes" under the VIEW tab.
> Should my "after the fact editing" of this one line in the log result in
> disqualification of my entry, and should an orange or red card be issued?
> The rules specifically say I should not massage the log after the fact.
> My reasoning was that I had the data in the comment or note Field in the
> N1MM "raw" log, couldn't figure out how to edit it "on the fly," and I
> didn't want to penalize the other station for a busted QSO because of my
> error.
> ====================
> The other question involves a newbie who entered the contest using a "non
> contest" logging programme.  It supposedly made a cabrillo file, but the
> result did NOT have his zone, nor did it have the received signal report.
> We managed to "massage" this log with Notepad edit feature, so that it
> conformed with the cabrillo specs provided by CQWW.
> Yes, again, the rules say one should NOT edit the file after the contest.
> The choice was either NOT submit a log, or do this rather massive editing
> by putting the local zone and the received signal report into the
> cabrillo file.  We didn't make any "corrections" just added data which
> was in the original log but did NOT show up when the programme made a "so
> called" cabrillo file.  I figure that he might be encouraged to see his
> call amongst the other folks in the CQ Writeup, and we might have another
> contester amongst this seemingly dying breed of US Hams.  I also
> encouraged him to try his logging software to make sure it will do the
> correct cabrillo file prior to entering another context.
> Comments will be appreciated.
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