[CQ-Contest] Split operation in CQ WW CW

Edward Sawyer SawyerEd at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 2 02:03:10 EDT 2012

Interesting thread.  I think Jim and Pete are both right.  The key is to
jostle and tale charge as necessary but not let the casual op even know what
is going on.  By definition, the casual op is oblivious, honestly. So, you
can do some serious stuff that would "tweak" the true competitor and the
casual guy won't be any worse for wear if its done right.


By the way..real men have their AGC off and don't know or care if the needle
is pegged to the right.  If you can pick off callers coming back.it's a
clear frequency.because people can hear you and you can hear them.


"Go big or go home".


Ed N1UR (heck I don't even own an amp)

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