[CQ-Contest] Need advice

Shelby Summerville k4ww at arrl.net
Sun Sep 2 07:22:21 EDT 2012

Dick W0RAA wrote: "I would like to get some advice as regards SO2R 

After you get all the advice, please make sure that you "practice" your 
newly attained SO2R skills on someone, other than me! I'm at a point that 
I'm seldom, if ever, "in it to win it", therefore I can decide if, or when, 
another station has taken too long to complete an exchange? Your definition, 
and mine, of "too long" may differ, but if you want the contact with me, it 
is "mine" that counts! Take too long to complete the exchange, with me, and 
I will "move on". If I called you, you missed a contact, and won't get 
another chance. If I'm calling, and you answer me: "take too long, and you 
lost a contact, and won't get another chance". IMHO, regardless of ones 
skill level, placing more importance on one contact, while making the other 
station wait is inconsiderate. When I call someone, on CW, I try and adjust 
my speed to theirs. When I'm calling CQ, I expect the same consideration?
Bottom line: "one has to learn to crawl, before they can walk", so make sure 
you're beyond the "crawling" stage, before you use your second radio, with 
me, in a contest.

C'Ya, Shelby - K4WW 

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