[CQ-Contest] Need advice

WW3S ww3s at zoominternet.net
Sun Sep 2 10:43:41 EDT 2012

I sugessted the two tones...if not using headphones, or headphone switching, 
using high in one radio, and low in another, lets you distinguish which 
radio is which....you are correct, the software doesnt care, and I didnt 
mean to imply it was needed, just an cheap and easy way to tell which radio 
is which....

On 9/2/2012 10:09:29 AM, Richard Ferch (ve3iay at storm.ca) wrote:
> Dick,
> I agree with what Kirk wrote, with one addition.
> Someone else has posted a suggestion about using different tones on the
> two radios. The two channels in the stereo sound card
> don't care whether
> you use the same or different tones. As far as the software is concerned,
> you can use the same tones in both.
> If you like to listen to RTTY signals either to help with fine tuning or
> simply so you are aware of which radio the received signals are coming
> from without having to look, then you can wire up a cable assembly for
> stereo headphones with the input to the left ear from one radio and the
> input to the right ear from the other radio. This lets you use the same
> tones in both radios and distinguish between them by left vs. right. If
> you are using mono headphones, then using different tones in the two
> radios might help distinguish between them. Either of these is in lieu of
> the more elaborate audio switching an SO2R box can do. If you don't
> like
> to listen to RTTY, you
> don't need either of these.
> 73,
> Rich VE3KI
> Kirk K4RO wrote:
> If it's
> just RTTY SO2R that you are interested in, then you probably
> don't
> ne 

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