[CQ-Contest] CQ WW RTTY Coming Soon!

Ed Muns w0yk at msn.com
Mon Sep 3 16:51:52 EDT 2012

The 26th annual CQ WW RTTY Contest is less than 4 weeks away.  Don't miss
the largest RTTY contest of the year!  Will 2012 enjoy the exceptional
propagation that graced 2011?  Will participation continue to grow?  Show up
on 29-30 September and find out.

The 2011 results are now integrated into the online Searchable Database at
http://www.cqwwrtty.com/scoresry.htm.  Play with the input parameters and
learn what goals to shoot for in your category and geographical area.

Be sure to refresh your understanding of the rules at
http://www.cqwwrtty.com/rules.htm.  Thanks to many translators, the rules
are now available in Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French,
Greek, Italian and Spanish.  (If you can translate the Rules into another
language, please contact me ASAP.)

Log Submittal Deadline: 15 October 2012.  Since the official CQ WW RTTY
Contest Rules were published just prior to the CQ announcement that all CQ
contests will now have a 5-day log submittal deadline, the later date (15
October 2012) will be honored.  But why procrastinate?  Embrace the habit of
prompt log submittal and get yours into the robot by 5 October!  All you
ever wanted to know about logs, formats, submittal, etc is at
http://www.cqwwrtty.com/logs.htm.  Be sure your club name complies to the
exact spelling as shown on the Club List at
http://www.cqwwrtty.com/clubnames.htm.  Otherwise, it might not get credited

Finally, there are always available plaques to sponsor.  Check out
http://www.cqwwrtty.com/plaques.htm for details.  The 2011 sponsors have
first-right-of-refusal for 2012, otherwise the plaque is available for a new
sponsor.  Any category plaque not sponsored in 2011 is immediately available
for 2012 sponsorship.  You can sponsor a plaque for virtually any category,
most of which are not listed on the Plaques webpage.

Get your station and yourself prepared for a fun weekend at the end of the

Ed - W0YK
CQ RTTY Contest Director
Ed Muns
w0yk at cqwwrtty.com

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