[CQ-Contest] Rules rules and more rules

rob wa1fcn at charter.net
Fri Sep 14 13:52:48 EDT 2012

Tor  N4OGW  brings up a good point. I certainly agree with.  He stated

"This is ridiculous- you can't have special rules that only apply to people who "think they will do well". The rules of the contest have to apply to everyone equally. 

If you do, the side effect is that the contest sponsor will have to DQ a few stations who weren't sure that they were "good enough" or whatever, and didn't jump through the extra 10 hoops. That would be very unpopular."

I am agood example of this   I took first place CQ WW RTTY low power  plaque. (AA5AU was actually first but he got  North American Plaque. ) 2011...  ME a little  gun station, that would never of thought he was" good enough."  I never would of followed all those audio/video/ect rules for top 5 stations.  Would I/ should I  have gotten DQ ??


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