[CQ-Contest] Cheating

Mark Luhrman w4svo at att.net
Fri Sep 14 16:04:54 EDT 2012

Well all I am trying to say is that I think there are more important topics we could discuss which would be more positive. It is not that I am not interested but after seeing this topic come up every other month or so it gets old. This of course is just what I think. I operate a lot of contests too. Cheating has been going on for a long time. We need to be more concern about managing our own lives and quit worrying about what others do because I learned long time ago you can talk all you want and unless that cheater wants to change it will be up to them and th only. And one last thing contesting is suppose to be fun. And yes I have lost to cheaters, but I do not have that big of ego  that it is going to cause me to give up contesting. If I win I win. If I lose I lose.I still has fun.

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