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Your argument seems to be "since all this assistance is available, we'll 
just assume that everyone ought to use it, and even if they don't, score 
them as if they did".   Sort of "If you don't want to run with the big dogs, 
stay on the porch".

Carrying your argument to it's logical conclusion, we should have just one 


After all, the technology exists.  Too bad for you if you don't want 12 
transmitters and their operators in your basement.  You're going to be 
scored with those who do.  It's not the sponsors fault that you're such a 
Luddite that you can't keep up.

There are more than a trivial number of us who wish to compete in the 
"traditional" single operator category which you propose to throw away 
because we're too much trouble for the sponsors.  Of course we are capable 
of playing electronic point-and-click radio-splatball, but personally I have 
tried that and it's not fun for me.

Others have a lot of fun in the assisted categories.  Good for them ---  I'm 
not asking them to play in my category, and I won't play in theirs.

To use your auto racing metaphor, in the ether my signal runs just as fast 
as yours.  A Q exchanged with me is just as valuable as a Q with you, so why 
the hell do you think that I ought to put spotters up in the stands just 
because you use them?  How are we "traditional" Radiomen a hindrance to your 
enjoyment of contesting?  Why should we just stay on the porch if we don't 
want to run with you "big dogs"?

Good luck on this on now.

73, de Hans, K0HB
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Contesting has changed so much in the 35 years I’ve been doing it. This is 
mostly due to the technical advances that have been made over the years such 
as computer logging, packet, SO2R boxes, skimmer etc...  It appears to me 
that in today’s world that it’s almost impossible to enforce the current 
single operator un-assisted rules that state those competitors shouldn’t be 
using some of these technologies. Is it maybe time to get rid of the 
“traditional”  single operator category and just replace it with what is now 
allowed in the single operator assisted category ? Seems like this would 
cause much less grief for the contest sponsors that have to deal with the 
cheating that has been happening over the last several years. This probably 
wouldn't solve all the problems but it might help resolve some of the bigger 

Here is an analogy... I follow auto racing and see many parallels to radio 
contesting. Remember years ago when the only communication the driver had 
with his pit team was a big sign that someone would hold up when they zipped 
by the pit lane?  In today’s world all the teams have radio communication 
and telemetry with their pit and spotters high up in the stands. Even with 
these aids it’s still the skill of the driver that wins the race.  I think 
the same can be said in radio contesting. The time might be right to stop 
living in the past as far as the single operator category is concerned ??

I would like to close by saying a big THANK YOU to Box Cox, K3EST for all 
the years he ran the CQWW contests. This had to be the hardest job in radio 
contesting running the worlds largest and most popular radio contest. This 
is especially true today with the events of the last few years. Maybe we 
will hear you on the air a little more OM ???

Jeff  KU8E
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