[CQ-Contest] The Grand Solution

Jeff Clarke ku8e at bellsouth.net
Mon Sep 17 22:48:39 EDT 2012

A very amusing post by K0HA. I would be interested in hearing what his grand solution to these “sins”are ?  I don’t think cheating in contests is anything new. It’s just seems more prevalent now. The cheaters are being caught because of the technology that exists now as compared to the past. As good as the technology is there really aren’t ways to prove is someone is running HP/LP/QRP or are claiming single op when using a relief operator. This is a hobby after all... not a professional paid sport. You don’t have the resources to be sending people to competitors stations that are  suspected of cheating.

Too bad there isn’t a simple solution to this problem because I’m sure it “turns off” newcomers to radiosport.

Jeff KU8E

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