[CQ-Contest] NYQP Reminder

Paul Mackanos - K2DB k2db at k2db.com
Thu Sep 20 15:10:05 EDT 2012

!!! CQ NYQP !!!
2012 NYQP - October 20, 2012
1400 UTC thru Oct. 21, 0200 - 12 Hours
10:00 AM to 10:00 PM EDST
(third Saturday in October)

NYQP is just 1 month away, get ready for the best state QSO Party ever ! 


Due to a posted a suggestion on the NYQP Forum and also an email sent to the
NYQP committee about some of us getting 1x1 call signs and spelling NY QSO
PARTY like Florida and Kansas did. It seemed to increase activity as
stations tried hard to get all of the 1x1 calls. 

NYQP will make the arrangements for a certificate, etc, so let’s see if we
can get all of the  1x1’s N, W, & K with all of the necessary letters N, Y,
Q, S, O, P, A, R, T so that we don’t get stuck with only 8 possible stations
getting on the air, and one or more of them having difficulties and not
being very active. That would give 24 possibilities, more participation and
more certificates to give out. 

Four 1x1's are already reserved: N2Y (N2CU), K2O (WB2ABD) and W2R (WB2ABD),
and K2DB has applied for N2Q thru the ARRL VEC and it was approved in less
than 15 minutes. 

Would you guys want to promote the idea and even get 1x1's yourself? “YES”
let’s do it here is the info: 

The link below is the main page for 1x1 call sign information.


Once you have checked for availability of a call go to the link below to
fill out the request. Use NY QSO Party for the special event and use the two
dates of the contest. October 20 and October 21. The process is painless and
you should have a reply in a day or so.


“Plaque Sponsorship”
The 2012 NYQP has available over 40 possible plaque sponsorships. We have
many sponsors who have renewed and several have not renewed sponsorship as
of today.
We will be opening up the remaining sponsorships on Monday, September 23rd,
and I will be sending out an announcement of any remaining plaques available
for sponsorship.
We hope to repeat with another record number of generous supporters of the

With only 30 days to go we hope you are planning to be active. Get those
chores out of the way and your stations, mobiles, rovers, antennas and
equipment ready to rock & roll. 
>From home or mobile, there will be fun for all. If you plan on going mobile
or rover, check everything out ahead of time. Consider taking a friend to
share the driving and the fun! There is an entry class this year for our
four wheeled friends, we have added a Rover class. The NYQP rules spell out
the differences. 
Not a regular contester? Check out the N1MM set-up procedure posted on the
NYQP web. Also, the FAQ page is loaded with useful information.
Rovers and Mobiles should check out the NYQP County Activity Map to see if
any of those sparsely populated counties can be activated!

Check out www.nyqp.org for all details! 

Also, we have the NYQP Forum, register and let us know your plans at

Brent KC2QLJ, 2012 NYQP Coordinator
Paul K2DB, NYQP Advisor

!!! CQ NYQP !!!
2012 NYQP - October 20, 2012
10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
(third Saturday in October)

Questions? info at nyqp.org     NYQP Web: www.nyqp.org 

The terminology NYQP, NY QSO Party and New York QSO Party are Service Marks
of the contest organizing committee.
The contents of this page may not be reproduced or distributed in any form
without the written permission of the NYQP SM organizing committee.
Permission is given for use only for the October event of New York QSO Party
SM participants for their personal use.

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