[CQ-Contest] Thursday night RTTY NS warm up for CQ WW RY

Ken Keeler kenkeeler at jazznut.com
Thu Sep 27 01:42:53 EDT 2012

Several months ago, RTTY NS was introduced, and for a time, lots of 
activity.  Since then, no one has stepped forward to promote and 
announce the Thurs. night practices.

This weekend features a major RTTY contest, CQ WW, and for those of 
us who are novices in this mode of contesting, some might use this as 
a set-up/practice session for the weekend.

So, I'll sound off, until the "real thing comes along".

On Thursday (in NA) Sept. 14, 0130Z for 30 minutes, will be a RTTY 
NS, usual NS rules;
Bands:  15, 20, 40, 80m;  +80 to 90

Maybe Bruce would be kind enuff to add this to the BNM calendar.

And, Slow NS continues, starting at 02Z

CU Thurs, N6RO

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