[CQ-Contest] WARC bands and contesting.

Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
Mon Aug 5 12:05:25 EDT 2013

Tell you what Bill...
If you really want to know "why not", head over to some of the radio forums like QRZ.COM and eHam.NET and ask the question.  Just be ready to have your head handed to you by the anti-contest nutz, let alone the other users.
I would really, really, really recommend against opening up this can of worms.

On 08/05/13, Bill Parry wrote:

I have been thinking that we have made a mistake in not allowing contesting
on the WARC bands. These bands are real nice but there doesn't seem to be
much activity. If we were to have a WARC band contest, we would get the
occupancy rate up and it would help us become familiar with the band
openings etc....not to mention it would allow us to work a lot of DX. Maybe
just one a year? 

I know this topic is verboten but why not?

Bill W5VX

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