[CQ-Contest] WARC bands and contesting.

Radio K0HB kzerohb at gmail.com
Mon Aug 5 15:08:39 EDT 2013

This idea should not be dismissed lightly.  It should be hurled aside with 
great force!

I think that Radiosport would get a huge black eye if we even opened a 
public conversation.

Even though I contest regularly, I feel that there really ought to be some 
"game preserves" which are contest-free ALL THE TIME, and not just "go to 
the other mode this weekend --- contesters are running (CW)(Phone)(RTTY)."

Further, for 30-some years we've been banging the drum "if contesters are 
messing up your band (pick your weekend), go to the WARC bands".   I don't 
know if that policy is a PTT regulation anywhere carrying the force of law, 
but it has been endorsed by major national/international societies (IARU, 
ARRL, JARL, RSGB, RAC, etc) and adopted into the rules of every major 
contest sponsor.  Rolling back that agreement would fire up a shyttstorm of 
epic proportions!

73, de Hans, K0HB

> On 08/05/13, Bill Parry wrote:
> I have been thinking that we have made a mistake in not allowing 
> contesting
> on the WARC bands. These bands are real nice but there doesn't seem to be
> much activity. If we were to have a WARC band contest, we would get the
> occupancy rate up and it would help us become familiar with the band
> openings etc....not to mention it would allow us to work a lot of DX. 
> Maybe
> just one a year?
> I know this topic is verboten but why not?
> Bill W5VX
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