[CQ-Contest] K3KU sets score record in Summer Stew

Art Boyars artboyars at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 18:59:08 EDT 2013

There it is, folks!   http://www.kkn.net/stew/2013SummerStew.txt

Twenty-six QSOs (in 56 minutes) for ZERO net points.  A record that will
never be beaten (except in the Poisson d'Avril, where I think you can wind
up negative.)

All QSOs were deemed busted, probably because I used CT-DOS with some other
contest type (NAQP??), and neglected to strip extraneous stuff from my
Cabrillo log.  I must have been very sleepy that night.  (And no rejection
from the robot, but that's OK.)

I hope the guys I worked did not get dinged for my busted QSOs.  :>)

73, Art K3KU

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