[CQ-Contest] Foot switches ?

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I understand the use of foot switches in MS and MM and not using  VOX.  Am 
I the only guy using VOX in single op?
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Another  vote for the clipper  switch!


The Clipper  switch has sufficient resistance.  Not too much - just  right.

Highly recommended.

I've been using them for over 30  years - yes, the same ones.

They're industrial-grade and they don't  spring apart in the middle of a
contest like those other cheap bent-metal  jobs do.


Bob W5OV

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The only problem I have with Any foot switch is that it takes too  little 
force to activate it, so I have to either tighten the lifting  muscle in 
the shins to keep from activating the switch or have the switch  like at 
the side near the ball of the foot and use it in a rolling action  with 
most of the weight of the foot resting on the floor..

Joe  wb9sbd
The Original Rolling Ball Clock
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On 8/28/2013 11:24 AM,  Tom Horton wrote:
> For years I used an old j-38 key mounted on a piece  of 1/4 plywood. Also
have used a home made switch with two pieces of  aluminum and a spring, 
footswitch found a most any ham swapmeet, a  sewing machine foot switch and
one of the best things I ever had was  mounting a footswitch to the side of
the cubbyhole of my desk and using it  as a "knee" switch. It never slipped
> 73 and happy  footswitching...
>   tom K5IID
> There is no joy  in Mudville!
> K5IID Tom Horton   Hillsboro, TX
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>> This is what I've been using since last  year's CQWW SSB at V26B.
>>  http://files.qrz.com/m/jh5ghm/CIMG8305.JPG
> Nice looking - could  probably sell an article to say "Machinist Workshop"
here in the USA - they  do short articles on simple  items

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