[CQ-Contest] CQ WW Rules for 2013 Announced

VE5ZX ve5zx at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 1 16:53:56 EDT 2013

Here is the definition of the category

"The Classic Overlay category is intended for the radio purists who want to 
participate in the most traditional way. It is one operator, one radio, no 
outside assistance, and only the first 24 hours of operating time will count 
for the score. Of course, Classic operators are welcome to operate as much 
as they want, but only first 24 hours of “on time” will count for the score. 
It should be interesting to see what the winning strategy of this new 
competition will be. The traditional single operator categories remain with 
no time limit."

>Operate any 24 hours.  Show your off times in 60 minute increments.

There is no mention of 60 min increments.

>The only time "first 24 hours" comes into play is if you operate for more
>than 24 hours.  Then, only the first 24 hours would count.

This makes sense

>I don't think it would be fair, for example, to operate the entire 48 hours
>then, at the end of the contest, select the 24 hours of the contest that


>Make sense?

Not yet. If your interpretation is correct then there is no minimum off 
time. This doesn't make sense. It seems some clarification is needed. :)

Syl - VE5ZX 

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