[CQ-Contest] Grateful Thanks!.

brian coyne g4odv at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jul 8 11:45:48 EDT 2013

Returning home after a few days away I sorted through the mail. There was a thick looking package in there which didn't get much attention as I had ordered a book from Amazon. I didn't get around to opening it until next day and 'BOY' - 'WOW', did I get a surprise, it was a stunning plaque from CQ for World #1 Low Power 10Mtrs  Single Band in  the 2012 WPX Contest. It was even more of a surprise as I was not expecting any more than a certificate, Contest Organisers tend to run out of Donors before they get down to Low Power Single Band entrants. So I owe a massive thank you to 'Six Stars Contest Station', LS1D, who are the Donors, also to the gang at CQ who give us these great contests and to Doug K1DG who is tasked with the organisation and distribution of these awards, the plaque was beautifully packaged in a padded envelope with a further protective foam wrapper inside.
It really is a magnificent trophy which will have pride of place on my wall and which I shall ever be proud as, never in my wildest dreams, did I imagine I would make a #1 place in either  of the two premier cw  contests in the contesting calendar.
73  Brian C4Z / 5B4AIZ.

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