[CQ-Contest] Understanding the dynamic error free RBN algorithm

Brett Graham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Sat Jul 20 21:19:10 EDT 2013

S56A said:

> One of my posts was censored so I repeat again - the main problem of 
> RBN are
> cheap QSD 0IF RX with I/Q images due to sampling in the middle of CW 
> bands.
> Just make QS1R requirement for RBN connection and live happily ever since!

Not true - that the cause of wrong-frequency RBN spots can be attributed 
to I/Q gain/phase unbalance of QSD SDRs.

There are a number of mechanisms involved, depending on the SDR used.  
Parroting that it is all due to just one mechanism & only with one 
particular receiver architecture will not change this.

QS1R is unique in that it is not QSD, yet it has the problem of spurious 
responses that look like the one mechanism that keeps getting blamed - a 
mechanism that shouldn't be seen with that particular receiver's 

And don't forget, we have already been told that wrong-freq RBN spots 
are all due to fecal signals.

Everything is what you are told it is & what you are allowed to say 
yourself is decided for you!


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