[CQ-Contest] Contest logs Statistics online application - Beta tester wanted

XV4Y (Yan) xv4y at nature-mekong.com
Mon Jul 29 02:42:42 EDT 2013


I only have a simple station and I am not a "top contester" looking at either my results or time spent in contesting.
However, even if it was for only a few hours, sometime I like to know "what I have been doing" during that time and perhaps how to improve my results.
I've been looking at contest statistics programs and found nothing that really fit my needs.
Sure SH5 is a great piece of software but it is a little bit overkilled to me and the price of the license is above what I can afford this hobby.

Having some programming skills, I wanted to develop a small statistic software.
Since what I know best is "web oriented", this application is hosted online and I can share it with anyone.
In order to help improve the software and make it usable for a broader public, I'd like to have a few beta-testers to test it.
Ideally around 10 people would be great at first.
What I'd like to do with them is :
- chase bugs and interface glitches including wordings (I am not a native english speaker)
- test importing ADIF or Cabrillo files from log software other than N1MM or DXKeeper
- test how the application is handling load and "big" logs (over 4000 lines)
- give me ideas about the most useful indicators and statistics for contesters so I can improve the features

This project, that I call COSTA (COntest STAtistics) may seem similar to Club Log, but Club Log is more oriented toward DXers and DXpeditions than contesters.
Michael G7JVR is also way ahead of me technically and feature-wise speaking.
Finally, I don't plan to do "Log searches" or "OQRS" or other features than the one related to "statisctics for contesters".

Right now this application will be hosted on a mutualized web server and database.
That means that performances can be low sometime and the database is limited in size to around 100 users and I will need to purge the old logs from time to time (but keeping the statistics results).
As long as everybody is pleased with that, the application usage will remain free.

If you have any comment or want to help me, please drop me an e-mai directly to my private e-mail address.
You can put the reflector on CC but as I am reading the digest I may miss your answer if you don't answer me directly.

Yannick DEVOS - XV4Y

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