[CQ-Contest] When is speed not speedy?

Aldewey at aol.com Aldewey at aol.com
Sat Jun 1 17:07:30 EDT 2013

I usually split the difference.  If I am CQing at 34 WPM and someone  comes 
back to me at about 20-25 WPM, I usually slow down to around 28 to 30 for  
that Q and QRQ back to 34 WPM on my QRZ.  Almost always, that works  fine.
I have my Page Up and Page Down keys in N1MM to bump the speed up or down  
in 2 WPM increments with each depression.  A quick 3 depresses of Page Down  
gets me from 34 to 28 quickly.
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va3dx at sympatico.ca writes:

If I am  CQing at 30 wpm , and a station calls me , well
I would assume he can copy  me.

If he can't copy me , why would he call.?

I really enjoy 30  - 40 wpm

If I had to run the contest at 20 wpm, I would  quit.

Glenn VA3DX

Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] When is speed not  speedy?

So... if I am CQing at 30 wpm and someone answers me at 20  wpm, it's a
simple Shift plus two taps of the PageDn key to instantly QRS  to their

73 de Bob - KØRC in  MN

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