[CQ-Contest] Preview Draft of 2013 CQ WW Contest Rules

Martin Durham w1md at cfl.rr.com
Sat Jun 1 21:42:43 EDT 2013

Section VIII

14. A competitor who wishes to be judged for a top score in their category
must agree to being visited
at any time during the contest by an observer appointed by the CQ WW DX
Contest Committee.
Failure to respond to the Committee request or to allow a Committee
appointed observer full access to the
operating location during the contest period may result in the competitor
being removed from award eligibility for 3 years.

SO...will there now be a 'sign up' sheet on the CQWW site to sign 'advanced
notice' of your operating intentions? This would be a requirement in order
to be able to schedule a visit to the competitors site. 

And, is this for Single OP only or Mulit-OP as well?


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The CQ WW DX Contest Committee has conducted a complete review of the CQ WW
Contest rules for 2013. We ask all contesters to read the new rules and let
us know if you have questions or comments. We will use this feedback to
improve the words or to add to the frequently asked questions on the web


View a draft of proposed rules here.  http://cqww.com/blog/?p=135 


The review period closes on June 25, 2013. The official rules for CQ WW DX
Contest 2013 will be announced by July 2, 2013.


Looking forward to your feedback.



Randy Thompson, K5ZD
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