[CQ-Contest] Busted Reversed Beacon Network spots

Marijan Miletic, S56A s56a at bit.si
Mon Jun 3 03:36:11 EDT 2013

HB9CVQ wrote: 2. April 2012, 03:08 / 0319 Z on 14006 and 14056 kHz while I
was really on 1821 kHz Cqing with better than 60 dB measured harmonics


Ex-VR2BG/p wrote: That has nothing to do with what we had discussed - how
skimmers report stations on frequencies - even bands - they are not on. 


HB9CVQ used 1 kW on 160 m with 2 x 36 m doublet.  S50ARX uses QS1R with
similar doublet on the top of the hill.  HB9CVQ was certainly strong at
S50ARX almost as at K1TTT with 84 dB S/N - HI.  All that was required to
translate HB9CVQ from 160 m was strong BC somewhere around 12 or 16 MHz.
IMD products were just 10 dB above dead 20 m band noise.  Ocassional CW
Skimmer errors occur on harmonically related frequencies.


There seem to be people obsessed by intentional QRM.  My callsign was badly
abused once causing DX-ped interference.  I only operate weekend contests
using barefoot FT-1000MP or TS-480.  I mainly notice bad ham signals and
Asian OTHR.  Ionosphere is fun especially after Radio Peking and Woodpecker.




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