[CQ-Contest] Preview Draft of 2013 CQ WW Contest Rules

Martin Durham w1md at cfl.rr.com
Sun Jun 2 15:53:41 EDT 2013

Before this SPINS out of control.

1. I 'get' that this rule is PRIMARILY addressed at the top 1% of
competitors (probably more like .5%)...and that makes sense...if you are
SERIOUS about competing for the top five (the 'box'). 
2. I regularly participate in multi-op's from the Caribbean (zone 9) so was
curious if the rule was SO only or SO or MO...

As for the VAST majority of folks that are 'in the contest'...this is not
targeted at you (of course it would be nice for CQ to clarify that point).

Rex...one point...Randy already indicated that this rule was put in place
back in 2009...and I believe that WAS the first year that CQ sent out some
'monitors' to a few stations for single op competition...so this is not a
new rule. 

My original post was looking for clarity on how competitors notify CQ and
what the timeframes are etc..


W1MD at arrl.net

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The proposal is    STUPID  

Nr 1  I might change my mind at the last instant as to class I operate.
This last  WPX  I had planned to do SOLP single band,  After a few minutes
of the excellent band condx  I decide to go to high power and all bands.

I know that my score isn't going to be one of the BIG  BIG ones but I don't
want to loose the 10 to 50  or so Q's that some OFFICAL  CQ  inspector is
going to cost me and to get in he has to climb over a gate with barb wire on
the top and walk 1/4 mile to the house.  Or I guess he could call and make
an appointment .   

Rex K7QQ

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Good idea, but not reasonably possible to execute.
Is CQ going to set-up  a cut off date that you need to notify  them of your
operating intentions? If not, is someone from CQ with a "stinking badge"
going to pound unannounced on someone's door and demand entrance any time
that is convenient to CQ to inspect what is going on?
What if someone  had planned to  do a two transmitter  multi effort, but it
is learned that  only three  people can show up during the contest weekend
at different times,and you would rather do a Multi-single,. 
Would that change be allowed?
Or, if you had  had planned to operate as SOAB HP  and you amplifier dies
just before the contest, you are now precluded from operating as SOAB  low
This proposal  does nothing  to stomp out the gross cheaters that are now
prevalent in radio sport contesting.
Most of these clowns are not in areas that are easy to access and are there
exactly for that reason.
Is CQ  going to send   people to zones 9,  33 and 35 to monitor 
CQ in the past few years has  stepped  up it's  efforts  to investigate
multiple signals and other dubious practices to insure the cheaters do not
have it so easy.
This proposal as written, will cause a lot of problems for the honest
operators and needs to be withdrawn as submitted.

From: "Martin Durham" <w1md at cfl.rr.com>
To: k5zd at charter.net; "'Contest Reflector'" <CQ-Contest at contesting.com>
Sent: 02/06/2013 01:42:43
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Preview Draft of 2013 CQ WW Contest Rules
>Section VIII
>14. A competitor who wishes to be judged for a top score in their 
>category must agree to being visited at any time during the contest by 
>an observer appointed by the CQ WW DX Contest Committee.
>Failure to respond to the Committee request or to allow a Committee 
>appointed observer full access to the operating location during the 
>contest period may result in the competitor being removed from award 
>eligibility for 3 years.
>SO...will there now be a 'sign up' sheet on the CQWW site to sign 
>'advanced notice' of your operating intentions? This would be a 
>requirement in order to be able to schedule a visit to the competitors 
>And, is this for Single OP only or Mulit-OP as well?
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>From: CQ-Contest [mailto:cq-contest-bounces at contesting.com] On Behalf 
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>Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2013 10:01 PM
>To: Contest Reflector
>Subject: [CQ-Contest] Preview Draft of 2013 CQ WW Contest Rules
>The CQ WW DX Contest Committee has conducted a complete review of the 
>CQ WW Contest rules for 2013. We ask all contesters to read the new 
>rules and let us know if you have questions or comments. We will use 
>this feedback to improve the words or to add to the frequently asked 
>questions on the web site.
>View a draft of proposed rules here. http://cqww.com/blog/?p=135
>The review period closes on June 25, 2013. The official rules for CQ WW 
>DX Contest 2013 will be announced by July 2, 2013.
>Looking forward to your feedback.
>Randy Thompson, K5ZD
>Director - CQ WW DX Contest
>email: k5zd at cqww.com
>web: <http://www.cqww.com/> www.cqww.com
>Facebook: <http://www.facebook.com/cqwwdx> www.facebook.com/cqwwdx
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