[CQ-Contest] Vindictive Contesting

Larry lknain at nc.rr.com
Mon Jun 3 11:13:47 EDT 2013

I don't get it either Mike.

The other guy probably won't have a clue as to how he missed the QSO if he 
even ponders it at all unless he was told. In the heat of battle he probably 
won't be listening to someone telling him he was sending too fast, not IDing 
enough, etc. And if you are the one trying to tell the "offensive" station 
the error of his ways you will probably end up with many new "friends" that 
wish you would just go away so they can work "offensive" station.

73, Larry  W6NWS

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From: Mike Tessmer
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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Vindictive Contesting

I don't quite get this vindictive contesting thing.  What a royal waste of 
your time.  If the other guy doesn't quite measure up to your standard - 
whether that be cut numbers, sending too fast, sending too slow, not IDing 
enough - simply don't call him.  There are plenty of other stations to work, 
many of which probably meet your criteria.

Your "I'll sure show him!!" or "I'll get him!" methods may result in the 
other guy losing a few points but likely has minimal impact on his bottom 
line.  For sure it does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for your score.  But I suppose if 
it makes YOU feel all warm and fuzzy.....congratulations!

73, Mike K9NW

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