[CQ-Contest] Preview Draft of 2013 CQ WW Contest Rules

Saulius Zalnerauskas ly5w.sam at gmail.com
Mon Jun 3 09:55:48 EDT 2013


I have license for special call LY605W till June 20th. My plan was to
sit in my country shack with Low Power and low antenna's except 80m.
2 YAGIs still not rotating. Working with 80m Dipole (High) I have
call's from all the World on any band's!
But friday morning I got telephone call from my friend Rich LY2FN. He
asked about travel to another place in Lithuania, to one of the
Biggest Contest Station - LY2W.
They don't prepared everything for serious Multi Op. operation. So
Single Bands is free!
In one hour I changed all weekend plan's. Not only Radio operation, I
have also other duties here for whole summer. After mothers death last
spring, I must work to finish house to live here during winter too,
not only summer. Believe me, there is a lot to do! And antenna's still
waiting and waiting.
So - in the evening I am near UA2 border (in Arturas LY2W shack). My
goal - 2000 QSO, 1000 prefixes, and some 4 or much more mln. points.
SO SB 20m HP category. But conditions! A=34!
First hour on 20m - only 30-40 QSOs. Nobody hear me on CQ. Only S/P,
and problem - every 3rd operator can't understand my call! LY 605 W.
So - going sleep till morning. Preparing another contest program N1MM
with internet. And my call - LY5W. SO SB 20m HP Assisted.
In 3830 - it is Top 5. And new LY record claimed. 2.8 mln. points,
1700 QSO, 900 prefixes.
So, sometimes You must decide last minute. Never knows what can happen!

73, Sam LY5W - LY605W (till June 20th)

On 6/3/13, Juan Hidalgo EA8CAC <ea8cac at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi !!
> Totally agree with K7QQ. For the last WPX, I have no plan to operate I was
> busy with work and sick. On Friday morning I finally decided to participate
> SOAB HP assisted, I get ready the station in Friday evening.  Just 3 hours
> to slept 3 and start the contest.
> My claimed score it is on top5 at 3830. If I can't  notify my participation
> few days before.....  no chance to win ???
> Or if I decide to changes category at last minute for any problem or
> inconvenience or propagation.....no chance to win ???
> Best regards.
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> El 02/06/2013, a las 20:34, "Rex Maner" <k7qq at netzero.net> escribió:
>> The proposal is    STUPID
>> Nr 1  I might change my mind at the last instant as to class I operate.
>> This last  WPX  I had planned to do SOLP single band,  After a few minutes
>> of the excellent band condx  I decide to go to high power and all bands.
>> I know that my score isn't going to be one of the BIG  BIG ones but I
>> don't
>> want to loose the 10 to 50  or so Q's that some OFFICAL  CQ  inspector is
>> going to cost me and to get in he has to climb over a gate with barb wire
>> on
>> the top and walk 1/4 mile to the house.  Or I guess he could call and make
>> an appointment .
>> Rex K7QQ
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>> Albert Crespo
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>> To: Martin Durham; cq-contest at contesting.com; k5zd at charter.net
>> Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Preview Draft of 2013 CQ WW Contest Rules
>> Good idea, but not reasonably possible to execute.
>> Is CQ going to set-up  a cut off date that you need to notify  them of
>> your
>> operating intentions? If not, is someone from CQ with a "stinking badge"
>> going to pound unannounced on someone's door and demand entrance any time
>> that is convenient to CQ to inspect what is going on?
>> What if someone  had planned to  do a two transmitter  multi effort, but
>> it
>> is learned that  only three  people can show up during the contest weekend
>> at different times,and you would rather do a Multi-single,.
>> Would that change be allowed?
>> Or, if you had  had planned to operate as SOAB HP  and you amplifier dies
>> just before the contest, you are now precluded from operating as SOAB  low
>> power?
>> This proposal  does nothing  to stomp out the gross cheaters that are now
>> prevalent in radio sport contesting.
>> Most of these clowns are not in areas that are easy to access and are
>> there
>> exactly for that reason.
>> Is CQ  going to send   people to zones 9,  33 and 35 to monitor
>> operating?
>> CQ in the past few years has  stepped  up it's  efforts  to investigate
>> multiple signals and other dubious practices to insure the cheaters do not
>> have it so easy.
>> This proposal as written, will cause a lot of problems for the honest
>> operators and needs to be withdrawn as submitted.
>> From: "Martin Durham" <w1md at cfl.rr.com>
>> To: k5zd at charter.net; "'Contest Reflector'" <CQ-Contest at contesting.com>
>> Sent: 02/06/2013 01:42:43
>> Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Preview Draft of 2013 CQ WW Contest Rules
>>> Section VIII
>>> 14. A competitor who wishes to be judged for a top score in their
>>> category must agree to being visited at any time during the contest by
>>> an observer appointed by the CQ WW DX Contest Committee.
>>> Failure to respond to the Committee request or to allow a Committee
>>> appointed observer full access to the operating location during the
>>> contest period may result in the competitor being removed from award
>>> eligibility for 3 years.
>>> SO...will there now be a 'sign up' sheet on the CQWW site to sign
>>> 'advanced notice' of your operating intentions? This would be a
>>> requirement in order to be able to schedule a visit to the competitors
>>> site.
>>> And, is this for Single OP only or Mulit-OP as well?
>>> 73,
>>> W1MD
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>>> From: CQ-Contest [mailto:cq-contest-bounces at contesting.com] On Behalf
>>> Of Randy Thompson K5ZD
>>> Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2013 10:01 PM
>>> To: Contest Reflector
>>> Subject: [CQ-Contest] Preview Draft of 2013 CQ WW Contest Rules
>>> The CQ WW DX Contest Committee has conducted a complete review of the
>>> CQ WW Contest rules for 2013. We ask all contesters to read the new
>>> rules and let us know if you have questions or comments. We will use
>>> this feedback to improve the words or to add to the frequently asked
>>> questions on the web site.
>>> View a draft of proposed rules here. http://cqww.com/blog/?p=135
>>> The review period closes on June 25, 2013. The official rules for CQ WW
>>> DX
>>> Contest 2013 will be announced by July 2, 2013.
>>> Looking forward to your feedback.
>>> Randy Thompson, K5ZD
>>> Director - CQ WW DX Contest

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