[CQ-Contest] Preview Draft of 2013 CQ WW Contest Rules

Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
Mon Jun 3 20:50:05 EDT 2013


In light of both W5OV & N2MG's comments (both included below)...

I understand that the intent of the rule is that the "top" competitors agree
in advance that they must allow an inspection during the contest.  No
argument there.  

My question is simple, in light of the current wording of the rules (as per
Mike's post):

Exactly how does the competitor get contacted?

This is not a trivial question.  Consider that the rule, as worded,
indicates that there could be penalties due to a "failure to respond."

Now, imagine for the sake of discussion that I am using another person's
shack for the hypothetical contest weekend.  An observer is sent to my
house... but I'm 150 or so miles away in another corner of Pa... or even
another state in Zone 5.  And it so happens that no one is home that weekend
(maybe the family is with me, maybe they're elsewhere).  So there's no one
around to tell the observer where I am.

Could I be DQ'd under these circumstances?  As the rule is worded, it's
certainly possible.  Especially if there's another competitor who IS being
deliberately evasive, because they're up to no good... and then complains
that both of us are technically in violation of the rule, so why was he
punished and I wasn't?

I would humbly suggest that the rule be clarified to indicate that it would
apply only in circumstances where the competitor in question is being
evasive... not for circumstances where the competitor can not be located in
time due to any of a number of reasonable circumstances.

...yes, I realize the rule has been rarely used in recent years, and that
most of the stations who were visited where well known & easy to find.  But
one needs to try and allow for the Rule of Unintended Consequences,
especially as rules are interpreted by new members of the committee or
contest community over the years.


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Tap the brakes, guys!

There is nothing about signing up or registering before the contest in the
rule! All commentary about this is complete conjecture!!

The issue is being willing to allow inspection - should someone official
show up at your door during the contest!

The likelihood is pretty minimal as I'm sure you can imagine.

The rule has been in place for at least the last 4 years.

Chill out!

de W5OV
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>>looking for clarity on how competitors notify CQ

The rule:
"A competitor who wishes to be judged for a top score in their
category must agree to being visited at any time during the contest by
an observer appointed by the CQ WW DX Contest Committee.
Failure to respond to the Committee request or to allow a Committee
appointed observer full access to the operating location during the
contest period may result in the competitor being removed from award
eligibility for 3 years."

The rule, as I read it, says, in effect, that the committee contacts
YOU.  And it doesn't appear to eliminate the possibility they might
even simply want to "drop in" with no warning.

Mike N2MG
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